The Thanx platform supports a variety of bulk data export mechanisms. The most common bulk data transfer mechanism in use is the SFTP data exports.

The Thanx platform also has beta support for us-east-1 Snowflake data shares and direct-to-DWH transfer mechanisms with support for Snowflake, BigQuery, Redshift, Databricks, and others. Please reach out to our team if you are interested in learning more. For existing Thanx merchants, contact your primary Thanx point-of-contact. For Thanx partners, contact

SFTP Data Exports

These exports are updated once every 24 hours and are a snapshot of the entire data set resident within the Thanx platform. As an open data platform, the Thanx platform makes it easy for your team to get access to your data.

Thanx Merchants

This is available to all Thanx merchant customers. If you are an existing customer and would like to get access to this data, please reach out to your Thanx success manager directly and they can get this configured for you.

See this doc for additional details. Note that you must be logged into your Thanx merchant dashboard before these docs are accessible.

Integration Partners

Thanx supports bulk data sharing for integration partners. This allows for access to any mutual Thanx customer that agrees to data sharing. In order to facilitate this, a Master Data Agreement (MDA) must be in place and a merchant must grant explicit data access approval.

If this is of interest, please reach out to our partnerships team at for additional details.