"error": {
    "message": "There was an error authenticating you."

An HTTP 400 Bad Request will always be accompanied by an object containing two properties: code (see below) and message. The code will remain static though the associated message may change at any time. Thanx can expand this list at any time.

CodeSample Message
BAD_REQUEST“An error occurred.”
FORBIDDEN“You do not have access to this resource.”
GENERIC_ERROR “Something went wrong”
RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND“The resource you requested was not found.”
AUTHENTICATION_GENERIC“There was an error authenticating you.”
USER_EMAIL_INVALID“The email entered is invalid.”
USER_PHONE_INVALID“The phone entered is invalid.”
USER_NAME_REQUIRED“First and last name are required fields.”
REWARD_ALREADY_USED“This reward has already been used.”
REWARD_EXPIRED“This reward is no longer valid.”
REWARD_INAPPLICABLE“Required item not present.”
REWARD_FRAUDULENT“You appear to have already used one of these rewards.”
CARD_GENERIC“Unable to register this card due to an issue at Visa.”
CARD_INVALID“This type of card is not accepted.”
POINTS_EXCHANGE_FAILURE“Points exchange has failed.”