Thanx Card Encryption

This library contains utilities for encrypting credit card numbers. It relies on node-forge for the encryption primitives. This package is available via a private npm package located at


Add @thanx/encrypt-card to your projects dependencies. Since this package is private, you’ll need to be authenticated to the thanx npm org.

yarn add @thanx/encrypt-card

or if you’re not using yarn

npm install @thanx/encrypt-card


The main entrypoint is encryptCard, which returns a string suitable for using in the encrypted_pan field passed to the thanx api.

import encryptCard from 'encrypt-card'

const publicKeyPem = // Public key returned by the thanx api

// Amex
const encryptedAmex = encryptCard('1111222233334444', {
  type: 'amex',
  publicKey: publicKeyPem,

// Mastercard
const encryptedMastercard = encryptCard('1111222233334444', {
  type: 'mastercard',
  publicKey: publicKeyPem,

// Visa
const encryptedVisa = encryptCard(number, {
  type: 'visa',
  publicKey: publicKeyPem,
  uid: 'fakeuid',            // User identifier provided by the thanx api